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Data Privacy Expert Nalini Kaplan On Why Your Liquidity Event Is In Jeopardy Until You Perform A Data Privacy Audit

August 17, 2021

"Data privacy is about people, which means it's about relationships, which ultimately means trust." - Nalini Kaplan

Nalini Kaplan has focused on business strategy, customer relationship management, and data privacy for over three decades. 

Nalini combines the discipline of the big four consulting as she was formerly a partner with Deloitte Consulting, where she created and led several global practices with an entrepreneurial passion, interdisciplinary approach, intellectual curiosity, and a strong drive for results. 

Nalini helps business owners and CEOs build and manage their data privacy programs so that they not only comply with the law but lower risk, manage compliance and grow revenue, even if they don't have the staff to run a program.

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  • You can't open a newspaper today without seeing another data breach incident
  • Why companies can go out of business from a data breach
  • How 70% of data breaches go unreported
  • The risks a business faces from a data breach
  • An explanation of what makes up personal information
  • How three pieces of information can identify 90% of the population
  • What you can expect your future buyer to do when it comes to your data privacy systems and policies
  • How a failed data privacy audit can kill your deal
  • An overview of data privacy laws across various States
  • Why your M&A advisory team is not equipped to deal with data privacy issues
  • How you can have an ROI from being compliant with data privacy
  • Why your cyber insurance policy claim can be denied if you're not compliant with data privacy
  • How to avoid an over-engineered data privacy protection system
  • Strategies on how to save time and money when becoming compliant with data privacy
  • A simple but powerful diagnostic that finds your gaps when it comes to data privacy
  • Why a data privacy compliant business keeps its customers coming back for repeat business
  • How to become self-sufficient with data privacy to save time and money
  • What you don't know about so-called end-to-end encryption that can hurt your business
  • Data privacy issues arising from lost notebooks, hard drives, USB drives, and servers
  • How phishing can take your business down and what you can do about it
  • Why remote work has opened up Pandora's box of data privacy issues
  • The data privacy audit Nalini created that takes minutes to complete and how the results will shock you

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Enjoy the interview!



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