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Paul Strobl Reveals How A CEO Peer Group Unlocks Your Business Success And Ideal Life

September 14, 2021

"Don't listen to the shoulds." - Paul Strobl

Paul Strobl, MBA, CPC, has over two decades of experience working one-on-one with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them design their ideal lives.

He is a Master Life & Business Coach and speaker and works with top MBA programs in entrepreneurial mindset. His sole focus is to eliminate barriers to success and give clients insights to take action toward a business and life they love.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Paul has owned businesses in North America, South America, and Europe, is fluent in Spanish, and holds an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird.

As a Growth10 Practice Leader, he facilitates small groups of rapidly scaling business owners to work through challenges, issues, and decisions in a safe, confidential environment during monthly roundtable sessions

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  • How Paul transformed his life and started living his purpose
  • Why it's lonely at the top for business owners and what you can do about it
  • The challenge of not being able to talk with people about your most intimate business issues
  • How the right CEO peer group surrounds with success and diverse business owners
  • The power of a safe space within a CEO peer group
  • How a CEO peer group extracts the best of you in business and life
  • Why spending time in a CEO peer group is an investment in your business, and you
  • How a facilitator creates the best results in a CEO peer group meeting
  • Why a CEO peer group helps you find and remove the skeletons in your closet
  • How to avoid groupthink and unleash breakthroughs in your business through a CEO peer group
  • Why you must discover where you are on the BOSI BMA Assessment to uncover your blind spots
  • How a CEO peer group helps you find your hidden Rembrandts in the attic so you can put them out for public display
  • The power of a CEO peer group during a pandemic
  • Why a CEO peer group has a positive ripple effect on your business and stakeholders
  • How following your "shoulds" is holding you back and what you can do about it


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