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Successful Post-Exit Entrepreneur Ivan Zakharenkov Reveals How To Think Like A Buyer And Increase Your Enterprise Value

August 31, 2021

"Everything that's happening is happening for a reason." - Ivan Zakharenkov

Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov is a veterinarian, an entrepreneur, and a passionate advocate for the wellbeing of veterinary professionals. Twelve years as an ER vet inspired Ivan to create Smart Flow. 

A first in the industry workflow optimization system later acquired by Fortune 500 company IDEXX.

In 2019, Ivan founded Veterinary Integration Solutions, an executive consulting firm where he helped veterinary groups systematize acquisition, integration, and improvement of practices with special attention to burnout prevention.

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  • Why you must understand the synergies of the buyer to maximize your enterprise value
  • How alignment with the buyer's goals is essential to get the deal done
  • The power of understanding the thesis of the buyer before your first meeting
  • Why key performance indicators can increase your enterprise value and deal certainty
  • How a lack of clarity heading into your liquidity event can cost you the deal
  • Why you must find the strengths of the buyer and determine if there's a match with your strengths
  • How you mitigate risk for the buyer when your business runs without you
  • Why buyers want an earnout and what you can about it
  • How you'll lower enterprise value if you don't upgrade your infrastructure
  • Common mistakes most business owners make that lower enterprise value
  • The challenges of removing skeletons in your closet during the liquidity event
  • How culture is an essential factor in your deal and its enterprise value
  • What to show your buyer to increase confidence and the value of your business
  • How misalignment on core values leads to burnout in your business
  • Why a culture of continuous improvement helps both the business and your deal
  • Strategies to consider when communicating your liquidity event to employees
  • How bumps in the road can help you achieve your pinnacle of success

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Enjoy the interview!


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