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The Case For Taking Your Company Public With Successful Entrepreneur Jon Stoddard

July 20, 2021

"Be a giver. Not a taker." - Jon Stoddard

Jon Stoddard is a partner at Investor Acquisition Partners. For over two decades, Jon has perfected the process of raising capital from investors.

Today Jon helps businesses go public in the OTC market and has raised over $122 million.


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  • Jon talks about his liquidity event
  • How Jon helps startups raise capital and go public
  • The advantages of the OTC market for going public
  • How Reg A crowdfunding is an option for business owners and what it means for you
  • What characteristics you and your business need to go public
  • The power of social media for helping you go public
  • How the heroes journey is a powerful storytelling tool for your business
  • Why preparation, or lack of it, will make or break your deal
  • How a background check on your management and employees can save your deal
  • The importance of company culture
  • What you can expect for the costs of going public as an OTC versus the traditional route
  • Why shares can be more valuable than cash for running your business
  • The importance of having fun in life and business
  • Why you must drop the ego to be successful
  • How being a giver instead of a taker welcomes success

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Enjoy the interview!


Jon Stoddard on LinkedIn

Jon's book Pitch Deck Secrets

Jon's company Investor Acquisition Advisors

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